Monday, 12 May 2008

Dreaming of Hemel Hempstead

Just had a dream I was working in Hemel Hempstead bus station, am truly going back to my roots in my sleep. Hemel, as we affectionately used to call it was the nearest town to me, whilst growing up. I was very determinately not a proper Hemel girl, rather a 'emel girl lite. Once I worked in a pizza place, a pub and had a couple of 'emel blokes. Fortunately I never learnt to say chocolate in the local way; cho'late but I did enjoy the delights of shopping in the Marlowes, going to the Living Room club, and loved the pubs in the old town. I even went out with a boy from the notorius Grove Hill estate. Luckily he was more obsessed with drawing pictures of Stevie Wonder than joining the family business of making fake fifty pound notes. He did wear a lot of gold jewellery though.

In my dream I was busy working in the bus station, next to the market, can't remember what I did, but it involved leaflets as the walls were stacked with them. It's quite typical really as growing up in a village without a car, much of my earlier memories involve buses, waiting for them, being on one, reading their numbers for old ladies (now I suspect this was a technique to make us read and stop us moaning about being bored as all little old ladies from Hertfordshire can't have all been very short sighted).

Made me quite fancy going back to Hemel for a visit though, particularly as someone told me there is one nice shop open in the Marlowes. Always was one nice shop there though, first it was Chelsea Girl, then a lovely alternative designer y dress and bag shop.

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