Thursday, 1 May 2008

A pinta a day..makes you thin

I wish.

Anyway, am absolutely tremendously tired of having to scrabble around to have enough milk for children, students and my coffee in the mornings. If I'm terribly honest, like a true addict my coffee is the most important thing to me, so when the children use up all the milk in their healthy cereal I do feel quite bitterly resentful. It's mine mine mine. Even more so when after they drink all their own whole milk they resort to our semi skimmed and use it all up.

This amount of bitterness and addiction in the morning can't be healthy, and anyway its a nightmare walking to the shops in your pyjamas around here. Apparantly some people notice and think you are slightly weird/lazy/slovenly depending on how smart your pj's are.

So I've decided to go back to milk deliveries, I haven't experienced these since I was a little girl, and used to delight in drinking the top of the milk and having lovely fresh cold bottles on our doorstep each morning. My friend H has milk delivered and says its great, and a brilliant social service, the only problem is its about a pound. Forgot to ask her what is a pound, am assuming not a pint, so maybe she means a day? Either way as they are a family of five that seems ok, I guess.

My mum used to be very political about supporting the local milk delivery service, saying they provided an essential service on checking on older people, providing social contact to isolated people and serving the community. Actually I agree with her, I remember my grandma being very close to her milkman, and him sitting in the corner of her lounge drinking endless cups of tea. Do hope this wasn't a way to increase his profits, but rather a lovely friendship thing.

Anyway, first milk order will be on its way next week. Can't wait!


Day from hell said...

Wish we could use the milkman, miles easier than the local supermarket, only problem is where I live you just know it's going to be knicked off my doorstep.

Anonymous said...

I'm exactly the same as you, leaving no milk for my morning coffee(x3), is as bad as its gets for getting told off in our house!

Anonymous said...

We do indeed love our milk delivery- hope you get our milk man , he is the highlight of the kids week when he comes with the bill and prints them out their own 'ticket' each from his machine and rip it off themselves!
Did get stolen on Saturday mind you before any of our road got it- hopefully a one off.