Tuesday, 20 May 2008

It's just so hard for me to be poor

Went to visit a friend in his lovely new executive apartment at Kingston at the weekend. Was lovely, and executive like, although full of similar people. Then had a look around the shops, to inspire sofa shopping. I lost myself in Heals, I should go there everyday and pick up darling little bits, from scrummy patterned napkins, to smart teacups, to beautiful and so so comfy sofa's. It reminded me of why I used to work really hard actually, although sadly did not live around the corner from Heals, so was limited to odd darling napkin purchase.

Miss it quite a lot.

Then yesterday, as we cancelled our lovely vegetable box due to being away I went up to the greengrocers to get some fruit and eggs. I was delighted to see eggs for £1.65 for twelve so bought them and ate two for my tea. Later that evening lovely husband re-read the box, and said that they were actually barn eggs. Was quite upset. Then had a look at the box myself, it had fooled me by saying get 3 free, which on a glance looked like free range (honest - it does) but worse, there was a code inside which said they were caged hens! Caged hens have the space of about a piece of A4 paper to live on their whole lives, are unable to move, are riddled with diseases and are kept like a piece of machinery. I'm so upset with myself.

I was so upset last night, I kept feeling ill, and so upset this morning could not look at the frying pan. It's the first time in my knowledge I've ever bought the wrong eggs, from the sad chickens as Ollie would say, and I'll never make that mistake again. So sad chickens, we feel bad, and are very sorry we perpetrated some more sadness in your life.

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