Friday, 23 May 2008

Violet in colour, and in smell

I have discovered violet this week, it grows in a big bush type thing, which has nice Japanese style branches, and lots of, well, violet coloured flowers. We're so lucky to have this gorgeous shrub in our garden, and its' gone floral crazy this year. Plus, and this is the amazing bit, it actually smells like violet!

For those of you, like me, who had no idea what violet smells like, well its almost exactly the same as the Parma Violet sweets of the seventies, but less sickly. It's brilliant, and cut actually scents our living room.

This, therefore, is a joy of our downshifted life, we really do have time to stop and smell the roses/violets. (Roses still a bit weedy, although violent beheading and chopping I undertook last year seems to have done them the world of good).

I just adore nature, well the nice smelling bits, clearly still not so keen on slugs, snails, spiders, badger and fox poo, and finally definitely against bindweed.

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