Monday, 5 May 2008

Burn the Green Hippy Man

We've had a lovely day here in tattyhouse, we've put the washing on the line. Always a treat, as still love the way in smells of the country, rather than pollution out of the city, and we've been to the burn the giant green bush man festival in the town. It is the largest festival of morris dancers, and giant people and well, dancing bush's.

There are also quite a few slightly, well actually quite scary morris groups, who dress in black and as raven's and goats. Am not sure why they are alternative ones, but they all dance along quite happily with the more usual village ones. So all very lovely, and very South Coast.

Could not face going to see the burning of the Green Man at the Castle, as it seemed a little reminiscent of the Wicker Man, and although I used the excuse Ol was scared (he was), actually I'm a little scared of pagan burn fests, and worried there might be spooky singing. Or shouts of Burn Hippy Burn.

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