Thursday, 29 May 2008

Why can't all town trees be short and manicured?

I'm feeling like the garden is closing in on me at the moment. Everytime I go and sit outside it seems like other people's giant trees are getting closer and closer, and are blocking out our sun. I'd love to take a giant chain saw to them, and cut them in half. Of course I know this is un-green and probably unkind. Not the least to the neighbours who, I imagine love the giant green light suckers in their garden.

Perhaps its because we're in town that its particulary unbearable, think if I was Maid Marion living in Sherwood with lovely Robin (particularly him of the new telly programme) I would love the trees. Or even if I had a great big vista of countryside with some trees in the distance. But not overshadowing, my not giant back garden!

Like many other issues, this was not a problem in the city, I could see more sky in my own garden. Even if that sky was clouded over with smog, daylight sucking trees did not steal my sky. Smaller gardens meant that giant trees would simply be a whole back yard in Leyton, so I guess they got mutilated/trimmed/chopped down.

Can I start a new campaign to get the trees out of town? Will it be popular? Or am I just a tree Nazi?

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