Friday, 18 July 2008

Buzzy Birthdays

I'm proud of my ultra organisational skills today, have sent invitations out for Ol's fifth birthday in September already. Largely, because nursery ended, forever, for him yesterday and I don't have the contact details for all his friends so had to organise it before the summer. Stressed myself out though thinking about it, well doing it at the same time, as having Jem's third birthday party this Saturday. Need to bake, decorate and plan for that! and lovely husband's birthday on Tuesday.

Thought I might implode with organisation. That, and meal planning for eight people, cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, oh, and just getting dressed. Am absolutely looking forward to next week when school ends, and might well have a Duvet Day all day! Could lie on sofa, watch Juno, eat some chocolate, drink some Coke, and veg. For a whole day. Might have to pretend to students that I am ill, otherwise will seem like laziest mummy in world. Can't wait.

Oh, and off to nursery disco tonight, to say bye to all lovely staff, and they really are lovely, from Ol, and to have a dance. Am almost guaranteed to cry as its all signs of increasing independence of five year olds, and how he's growing up. Partly moved by pride of how lovely he is, and partly because I miss my little baby Ol. Might cry again in a minute.

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