Monday, 21 July 2008

Does one take pies?

Whilst standing in the very long queue in the Co-op in next town over on Saturday I found myself wondering whether the cashier ate pies for lunch. He was very jolly, and looked like he might, but was far from overweight, and in fact quite good looking. I then caught myself thinking oh, I could never go out with someone who ate pies. Course, not bothered about whether said pie eaters would go out with me.

Then my sheer short term memory loss remembered how lovely husband and mine's romance blossomed over pasties, marmite on toast and coffee. When we first got together, as students we lived in the West Country and would often emerge bleary eyed and romantic (possibly) out of bed to walk to the local shop to buy pasties for breakfast. In our defence they were at least locally produced delicious Cornish pasties, but still, not sure its quite cycling for some pain et buerre ou un croissant is it?

We were quite thin, which was probably all the walking to shops for pasties, and even more shamefully for Pot Noodles. A pot noodle, with sliced bread was considered a good lunch. Can't really remember what we used to eat for dinner, but kind of remember pasta being important. Oh, and frozen peas, which, alongside marmite have been my staple diet now for over twenty years. Even now I almost get withdrawal symptoms if I go over two days without them.

So I do love pasties, and pies, and even more so the men who eat them. So Mr Cashier in Co-op consider this an apology please, Pie eating is a Good Thing, when combined with walking.


depesando said...

The staff at the CO-OP in Ore all eat pies, and as a result move very slowly, mostly when there is a queue...with me in it.

Anonymous said...

pmsl, No I don't think pies are their problem, they are more like cows, consumed by grass.

depesando said...

possibly, one of them bullied me into buying flowers there once " If I sell the whole bucket load, I get a half day off"....I wonder where my money really goes.

tattyhousehastings said...

Ha! Everybody moves slowly in Hastings, it is what we love about it, oh and everyone talks to strangers, a lot.