Sunday, 27 July 2008

Camping in the Back Garden

We did it last night...put the little three man tent up at the top of the garden, and all piled in. The children unfortunately were too excited to sleep though and kept getting out which was annoying after the first ten cute attempts. Finally, they slept, and we chilled, chatted and drank beer in our little camp at the top of the garden. I managed to make some lanterns out of old jam jars, wire and some candles and dotted these around.

It felt really magical, but also slightly like a night at a proper camp site, bar the fire, and friends. We then popped into our own bathroom to get ready for bed, then squeezed in the tent with the kids. And it was a bit of a squeeze. I woke up in the middle of the night to a sort of bashing and shuffling noise, and realised it must be the wild badgers. Was tempted to get out and have a look but realised they probably really are quite wild.

Then we woke up to the sound of bird song, well mostly sea gull but it was still delightful...

Course now the little one is so grumpy as she hasn't had enough sleep, she's just flung herself on her daddy crying 'cos he tried to move the car; 'No, Daddy, no, no Daddy'. Me; 'Come and sit with Mummy', 'No, not you! Just want Daddy!' and so on. Until the neighbours curtains start twitching anyway when we hide indoors as still wearing stripy pyjamas.

Anyway here's our garden...

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helen said...

good for you B! Getting out inthe open air, under nylon (- the new canvas) wether in your gartden or in a field is totally worth it. We should all be doing it. Although i doubt id have the guts in Warrior Sq! the kids have their first memory for this summer now!