Monday, 17 August 2009

Hastings Swine Flu Watch - It's Here

We've got a French student staying with us at the moment, who's had a sore throat and cold (we think/thought). He's been playing lots of Playstation with lovely Ollie, who woke up in the night hot, and with a sore throat.

Lovely Ollie now has a temperature, has been sick lots of times, feels really ill and hasn't eaten all day (not even strawberry jam on toast). I went to the official website and it diagnosed swine flu. Of course the symptoms are very similar to normal flu, perhaps with sickness/stomach upsets added on. He's had the Tamiflu - bit of a nightmare actually, as apparently there is not much in liquid form so it is being saved for babies. Ollie tried to have his first capsules but pretty much manfully choked on them and then sicked them up. The capsules can be broken and mixed with liquid so that is the plan for the tea time dose.

M's been feeling a bit ill with a sore throat, and is apparently too ill to talk properly but says he does not need Tamiflu. Suspect whisky would save him but have no intention of getting carried away with medicinal booze again. Last time, think in the winter we just loved the rum remedy too much for two days!

Any/every tips all welcome - cool magazines have been bought, nice water offered and telly on at the moment. Saving Bolt for well moments.


depesando said...

I shall spend the morning building a barricade at the top of Canute road.

tattyhousehastings said...

Do so, however whole family, bar French student remarkably cheery this morning. No more signs of sickness here - which leaves me with a quarantine dilemma for this week. To leave or not leave the house.