Sunday, 2 August 2009

I might be ill...or mad...or both

I've got two really worrying things wrong with me, first noticed last week and is only a bit painful. The location where I used to have a vein going from my hand to my arm (sorry this may make you a bit squeamish) seems to have an indent. And it hurts a bit. Of course I rang my long suffering GP (nice but straight talking) who said he thought it wasn't worth getting exited about. But what if my vein has collapsed/disappeared? Course there must be others as I can still use my hand/it has not turned black etc but what a worry. And I think it is where doctors at the evil local hospital (in East London not here) spent hours, and I mean hours ramming things in my hand whilst I wilted away in need of antibiotics.

Then the second thing, well it is a few really. Firstly I keep getting a sweaty face. Which means my make up runs, and it is a bit embarassing as really it is over nothing. Like I might be walking on the flat ground. Or just standing still in a slightly warm room. Then I get really really tired. I've been like this for ages, so just assumed it is a mid thirties need for sleep or something. Some days I have to have a nap either after lunch or after tea. And others I'm just tired. I do have two small children, big hill etc etc. so could all be quite natural.

Then my final worrying thing; I keep getting all shaky, like from low blood sugar suddenly and having to eat. I've always been like this occasionally but seems to be coming on every day, and then I have to buy emergency snacks which are always rubbish and expensive and I'll put on even more weight etc etc. Of course now I'm saying this I could keep a healthy snack in my bag for these times and I will do..but spooky eh?

Looked all this up on the 'scare myself' google and found symptoms of diabetes Type 2 which commonly comes on between 35 and 45. Not worried about having it per se, well a little about never drinking again (or is there a low GI booze?) and loads and loads about having to squeeze drops of blood out of my hand.

Feel quite faint again. And I haven't even got to the bit where your toes fall off (why why why).


smilernpb said...

Don't you just love those 'diagnose yourself' websites?! Always get you worked up for, well, usually nothing.

See the GP if you are worried, and I am sure that they will run some tests to put your mind at ease.

Low GI booze? I'm not sure on that one..... xx

tattyhousehastings said...

I think there might be low (er) GI booze - that American light beer. Only seems to be available once in a blue moon though. Or maybe Pils, where; 'all the sugar has turned to alcohol'. Although it is still there isn't it so hmm, not sure.