Friday, 21 August 2009

Sentimental Stuff is so Over...

I only lasted a day of being sentimental...back to normal slightly grouchy self today. Mostly I'm a bit cross with a certain language school, the laptop which is stupid - too slow and has pop up issues since its own plague thingy, my feet which are horrible despite the giant file I bought for too much money, my hair which is like a birds nest because I just can't resist washing it when I have a shower.

Oh and I am still liking my family, although bit bored of talking to them after a week in quarantine, Actually, scratch that, I'm not bored of talking, I'm fed up of people talking to me endlessly about things very important to them but not me. Feel too guilty to list things I am not so interested in but lets just say they include a lot of things this week. Starting with everything in the poxy Argos catalogue.

Roll on Quarantine Free Saturday! and maybe even the beach, or Sainsbury's or something else Free and Fun. Like Walking About As Usual Up and Down the Hill.

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