Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Top Tip of the Summer - Cut off your Jeans!

I've been busy fashioning shorts out of trousers that are too short for the children for the last few summers. As soon as the fraying sets in they look great.

However today, I took my frugal make and do; 'how cool' attitude too far on my own jeans. They were wearing out on the seams (oh alright - because of my FAT thighs) so I chopped them off. Then was secretly pleased with how lovely they were, how exciting it was to be on trend in denim shorts, how amaxingly they looked OK on etc. etc. until I sat down. On a bloody kitcen chair! Then I remembered the true horror of shorts; it is all about the sit down test. Even as a young 16 year old and a size 10 my thighs were quelle horror to behold in shorts. And now as a grown up doubled in age, several dress sizes larger and with...hate to admit it but actual cellulite it was bad. Bad, Bad Bad.

Remind me of this dear readers, next summer when I start ranting on about needing shorts. And it means I must of course never ever sit down in my lovely new surprisingly flattering tankini which features little shorts. Never. Not even playing at edge of water. Must stand at all times - or strategically lie, but not on side as also Bad.

Is it just me? And my thighs? Or not....


Sandra Morris said...

This is precisely why I never wear shorts cut above the knee.

Cropped trousers (mid calf length) are soooooo much more flattering and no risk of cellulite fall-out.

smilernpb said...

Oh my. I never do shorts for this reason....I have awful legs! Even when I was younger.... :o(

tattyhousehastings said...

Not just me - but it is just me who forgot the impossibility of shorts in the over ten's I think. Back to leggings and skirts today.