Thursday, 14 August 2008

The cat's turned bad...

Lovely, alright slightly grumpy and antisocial Seren the cat has now officially begun to bite. She's bitten our lovely German student now twice. This is not the over tanned teenager, so can see no decent reason for her to turn feral.

We're all very upset and will need to do some behavioural training.

Oh, and will need to do some stay dry training for Ol, as he's managed to fall in a lake for the SECOND BLOODY time this summer. Goodness knows how he manages it, this time it was at Hever Castle in a water maze. Last time it was retrieving a stick (is he mistaking himself for a dog I wonder, and is there something psychological in that, as I actually really want a dog) in the local park. Either way, he refused to wear his sisters dress to afterwards so guess he's growing up!

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