Sunday, 24 August 2008

Four pints and I'm happy...

Right, that's it, have shaken off middle class matronly image, thank goodness, did some voluntary work yesterday manning a stall at a craft fair. Yes, I know that bits a little middle class, but I did work the market!

We had a good day, enjoyed lots of people watching in the town centre, managed to make myself look a little, well quite a bit thick, as usual by asking man who made things out of old records, whilst admiring his coaster sized, well coasters, whether records used to be made tiny like that, oh and checking the noise his record boxes made when closing.

Then after all it was finished, we went for a networking event (apparently new word for going to the pub) in Yates and Wetherspoons, smoked lots of fags, and drank lager. It was great. Then I came home, and ate take away pizza.

Great day!

Although am worried that takeaway pizza has that mono sodium glutamate in, hence making me eat too much, and then feel bit thirsty and a little ill. Had to brave possible slug ridden kitchen three times in middle of night to get more water. Good news there were none...

And now am capping off decadent weekend by watching DVD of Joseph and his Multicoloured Coat, perfect. And how I love the songs!

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