Thursday, 7 August 2008

The fancy dress family

Gosh, feel as though have not had minute to myself for whole summer holiday, so far anyway. Can't help feeling a bit resentful over demands on my time, like can I explain buses, washing machine, cafetiere, video player, turn TV over, make dinner, feed children, wash clothes, (have given up ironing in hope that can sneakily add it to husbands pending to do list and he won't notice), oh and just being nice and kind to all. Course the latter two are the hardest, particularly when sort of take against some of the students we have for no particular reason, other than they are annoying.

Currently we have one who is too tanned, and made it clear she thought I was very lazy when I said the Hill is Very Big and I hardly ever walk it. Since she can barely speak English, probably I misunderstood the you are a lazy fat Engleesh lady part, so must still be kind. Am sneakily suspicious of her though.

Then we have social things to do! Sometimes it feels like there are so many visits, parties, and meetings up to do there isn't time for anything else! Trouble is we really want to do all of them, and the groovy Hastings carnival. Sadly I think the Carnival will be off for us this year, as we're just too busy.

Currently we're sorting out something to wear to a chocolate themed fancy dress party. At first I thought we could be the Creme Egg family, and make paper mache hats, painted like Creme Eggs. The rest of the family is surprisingly unkeen on that. Then I got excited about going as chocolate fingers, we could just tape lots of chocolate fingers to our own, but course the downside would be could only eat our own fingers, and probably could not manage to hold a glass of wine. It goes without saying that that simply just would not do.

Latest plan is the Milky Bar family; J and I bought our hats yesterday in anticipation...we're very excited. Think we just need to add some milky bars, and maybe check scarves. This is our first foray in to family fancy dress, so hope it goes well....

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Anonymous said...

Hi B, you could squeeze in the carnival and my choc party later, if you think the little ones wouldn't be too tired. If you catch the procession when it starts at 6pm, then you can put your gear on when you get here. Love from the Queen of Chocolate xxx (just a thought)