Friday, 22 August 2008

Knit One, Purl One

I love to knit. I've got completed ten monsters now, two have sold! Which may make me an actual crafts person. Slightly unsure what you have to do to call yourself anything like that, would love to say am a Sociologist, but think degree does not make one that. However, slightly unfair as an Art degree does, sort of make one an Artist. Or does it?

Lots of people down here call themselves artists, but kind of to my mind, you need to have sold something to be an actual artist (Congratulations again Kate!), but then I guess most of the famous artists did not sell stuff in their day.

Anyway, whatever, whoever I am. Can you tell a hint of identity crisis coming on at the moment? Think its caused by Ol starting school and J off to nursery in a month, thus not needing me for at least two hours a day. Are you still a stay at home mummy when your children are at school? Or are you a slovenly pyjama wearing lush (if you crack open the wine before six that is?).

My keep myself busy projects are; housework, am really going to start a routine so don't eat too many biscuits, make proper dinner, look for job that is two hours a day home based, (anyone want to employ me to write a column or stuff envelopes??), make some gloves to sell on etsy, and host students until end of autumn. Oh, and I guess do shopping, wash clothes, dry clothes, sometimes do decorating, etc etc. Would really like to do a keep fit class too, but will be walking Up and Down Big Hill four times a day, pushing two stone toddler and possibly trying to keep up with power walking mummies, so might see how that goes first!

Any keep self busy tips without my lovely Ol about very much appreciated....

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