Saturday, 16 August 2008

Summer holidays

Was wondering what we'd been up to this summer, but have decided its actually a lot - more than a household of four should manage, we've;

  • Been to visit friends and family in Essex and Hertfordshire
  • Been on day trips to Hever Castle (v.wet lake), Eastbourne, Bexhill (love de la Warr)
  • Been to the beach and the park Party on East Hill, and a lovely modern house
  • Playgroups and coffee with friends
  • Re-made the windows at the front of the house (lovely M)
  • Bought Ol's new school uniform and re-organised his wardrobe and enjoyed it! (me)
  • Turned a bit feral towards lovely German girls (the cat)
  • Made a kitchen bench (lovely M)
  • Must paint lovely bench (me)
  • Hosted lots of foreign students, so many can't count anymore
  • Made heaps of hot dinners, and ate hot dinners
  • Made homebrew for the first time, and then drank it (M)
  • Sorted out the front garden so it no longer looks as though it houses feral beasts (me)
  • Learnt to cook with marrow (me, but still not very keen as have not totally disguised watery texture)
  • Collected some bits together to do a car boot sale
  • Worn pyjamas a lot (all of us except cat and M)

Tired self out now with thinking of all the things, just need to actually achieve something now!!

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Anonymous said...

A summer well spent i think. Well done all!