Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Classed myself out of existence...

Golly Gosh, I'm annoying myself this week. I seem to have become in capable of not being some kind of insufferable middle class matron. And I'm not like that really, honest.

I found myself and a friend having a very fascinating (to me) conversation about the decent things you can buy in Lidl. All well and good, until I realised that my list was ground coffee, yoghurt (classless I think?), balsamic vinegar, olive oil and so on. Then I realised I had opinions about the kind of tomato's available, fantastically their cherry tomatoes are yummy mini plums.

Plus, its going back to school time, and time the kids had new shoes. We're super broke, should not spend any money etc etc but just can't not go to Clarks at the very least. Would prefer Start Rite but know that's pushing my debit card a bit. But other kids have shoes from, I don't know, Marks and Spencer's...and their feet don't fall off do they?

I just can't do it though, no matter how much my parents struggled for money they insisted we had 'decent' shoes, nearly always Start Rite though I do remember Mum conceding once that people in Hemel could have Clarks as they could not always get to the good shoe shop in Watford that sold Start Rite. The things your parents say and do, really do stay with you...

We went to the delightful Tenterten on Sunday for a wander and play in the park, and again I found myself being more matronly. Tried on some clothes in both Fat Face and Monsoon. The Fat Face clothes were too big, but also bit too young, skirts over my knee (shock horror), and the Monsoon ones, well, I felt like a square. Tried on a lovely dress, but realised I looked like, a mum! Surely I should be busy being a yummy mummy not a blooming matron mummy. I've also found myself wondering whether as Fat Face is such a Bluewater/Richmond/Tenterton shop, and has sizes up to 18 whether its actually a fake cool brand and if an 18 year old turned up at party in Newquay in Fat Face they'd be laughed out of town. Or are surfers too cool for that?

But where should I shop? And more importantly where should I get some money to shop? And finally how to I get back to my roots withough coming on all J-Lo? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

why don't you try and make some off your own clothing? you like knitting and sewing isn't that diofficult, that way you could design something you like that is both flattering and stylish?

as for shoes, nowt wrong with most shoes as long as they fit properly, you could try bexhill, they have one or tow old fashioned shoe shops that are independants, not that expensive and rather well made.

tattyhousehastings said...

Feel I must add am not actually a size 18, though nothing wrong if I was etc etc. But definitely like idea of making clothes, my sewing is a bit haphazard but do plan on making some bedroom curtains this month on my mum's old machine so will start with those!

Oh, and thanks, for telling me what I thought I knew about shoes, it is all about the fit, well until they hit their teens or tweens then it'll be all about the lelli kelly's.