Saturday, 18 October 2008

Comments please

Firstly can I just say the bugs are still there, watching and waiting and plotting their new house lifestyles within my window. Make them go please. (Too scared to do it myself).

Secondly, very surprising night last night we had people playing guitar and singing in our living room. Sadly, their favourite song was that; 'Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all'. Which, along with that bloody Baker Street song gets in my head and gives me murderous thoughts, if the singer and the world is that bloody miserable then they should just hop on the Met Line to hmm, Uxbridge which must be even worse and stay there.

Liked it when they did Summer of 69 though, and if had taken some confidence pills, and could sing would have joined in. Sadly, neither had happened so kept myself busy in the kitchen putting vegetables away.

Right, but am making a comment plea, just to say I really love them, so more more more.

Have a good weekend everyone, we're off shopping, then to a party then to see the alarming Fire Night of Hastings, with boyes who Have Flames.


Anonymous said...

Next year I am going to force you to the firework frivolities even if you are kicking and screaming!
from ?

tattyhousehastings said...

I know, I know, but in our defence the children were really really tired, and fast asleep by seven, after eating all their party sweets that is. Then M and I settled down to loving X factor, although not Michael Jackson music.
And its you Harriet isn't it?
p.s. Ollie has discovered the funny bones website, new thing for him to pester me over. Next in some train spotting way he'll have me tested on the names of the hundred of characters!
Did you have a good time anyhow??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was good. 3 out of 5 saw the fireworks while the other 2 slept! N didn't even stir!