Sunday, 5 October 2008

Great Parties

Went to a fab children's party at my friends house around the corner yesterday, it was for a 3 year old and was great! It made me think about the essential elements of a good (small) children's party, and these are:

  • Lots of people, even if its a bit of a squeeze on the sofa
  • A good sized kitchen with lots of drinks to lurk about it (for both kids and adults, at yesterdays party did notice some children, and grown ups spending a fair bit of time around the kitchen table!).
  • Nice guests, all up for joining in, and enjoying their children.
  • Games, even if the children don't totally understand them (a.k.a. hunt the kangaroo) they love it, oh and the prizes.
  • Some yummy looking cupcakes (I never make nice ones, but will itry harder in future, 'specially swirly toppings on them).
  • White wine and beer, and lemonade, plus some apple juice for the children.
  • A Grandad who's up for being Game Man, well does not have to be actual Grandad but one person who's not shy, and can lead antics is always good.
  • A quiet space away from the action, in this case B's bedroom with some great toys in, n.b. shaky car game where they crash is actually fun. And accessible for quite young ones, unlike Hot Wheels whereby even I struggle to put the tracks together. Suspect Hot Wheels loved universally by over 6's though, especially as have noticed children playing chant; ' Beat that' (the advert) enthusiastically.
  • Good timing, 3-5pm is perfect, as children actually hungry by time for party tea, and adults can stay on for sneaky extra glass of wine at end, but still be home in time for bed/bath time.

Lovely party, will come again please!

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