Monday, 6 October 2008

New friends, real friends and life friends...

I've been thinking about who could be my new friends, and enhance my life. And whose lives I could enhance.

Top of my list of people to be friends with is Will Young, he's funny, has a degree in politics, and as I'm so up on current affairs we're bound to get on. He also sometimes comes down to the South Coast, he even played at the 1940's street party last year in the Old Town High Street. Unfortunately I wasn't there so befriend him, but if he was to drop in we'd get on so well. I also heard him on Johnathan Ross saying he wanted a dog (like me) so we'd bond over long walks and commiserations about periods of heat. We're also about the same age I suspect, plus, I get the impression Will could chat randomly about things like boxes, and roads, and friends for hours on end. I also have a handy friend I think he could might fancy...

Lovely M and I were wondering about that very famous man who sings Starman, waiting to be found etc etc. Have forgotten his name so not a very good start but think he is too famous to make a good mate to the non-famous types. I expect he has very specific food and drink requirements, and would not be happy with re-heated coffee in the microwave or home-made pumpkin soup, or even one of my classier meals like home made veggie burgers. Frankly he's also a bit weird, and has a keenness for metallic clothing, which I am not so hot on.

Then there is Paul McCartney, who is undoubtedly a nice chap, and has the added bonus of an ex and daughter fairly locally, so he must pop down our way from time to time. I would be rather surprised to see him doing his grocery shopping in Morrisons, but suspect he might pop to local country pubs for halves of real ale from time to time. M and I could start drinking ale, oh and halves and see if we can track him down. We're all from working class backgrounds, have similar aged children, well his youngest. I'm vegetarian like his late first wife, although would have to admit I find her food mostly the lowest common denominator of vegetarian food. It started a trend though so I could discuss that.

In terms of music I like his older stuff, might struggle to have a meaningful conversation about the Frog Song but would be interested in his motivation. I've also been the the same soft play as his daughter once so that's a good starter for ten.

I could never be friends with Danni Minogue unfortunately, which is a real shame as I'm starting to feel sorry for her now. I suspect she could do with more mates, unfortunately I'm unable to look at her as her face is too fixed. Her emotionless state sort of freaks me out, and reminds me of the dangers of cosmetic surgery, again a shame as she is also about my age, but sadly now looks more robot than woman. Not too keen on her music either, although I have heard she is friends with Kathy Lette, so if I also became friends with Kathy I'd need to get on with her.

Finally Elton John, again a superstar, but definitely one with a sense of humour. We also share the same home town, sort of, I went to college there and once saw a football match at his stadium. We're both married, and have younger partners. No children in common and I have to confess no interest in royals on my side. I could imagine having a weep while he plays the piano in the living room though. Think he might struggle with being friends with the little people though, and also may be quite specific about food. It'd also be a challenge to never mention his hair or glasses.

What do you think? Who would you like as a sleb friend?


Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

I have a friend who worked with Danii M for some years, she is actually very nice, down to earth and not all 'star' like.

I once worked in an office where someone asked me to go to their desk and check up on some numbers in their Rolladex, and David Bowie's number in NY was on there ( among others ) I still have it somewhere, I'll email it if I come across it. Don't tell anyone you got it from me when the police arrest you for harassment.

I met a lot of famous people when I worked in London, they were all, without exception, really boring - although I did see Paula Yates once out shopping and she was much better looking in real life ( does that count )

tattyhousehastings said...

The strangest famous person I met, is actually the one you would expect to be strange - Terry Pratchett. His hat is surgically attached to his head, and he has very specific food requirements.
Always fancied Michael Hutchence so loved loved it when he hooked up with Kylie, so Paula must be gorgeous too to keep up.
Think have blown it with David Bowie by laughing so hard when he was playing at Glastonbury with my friend Kate that a man told us off. Then, as nice girls we apologised so much he had to tell us to shut up saying sorry too. It was all because we were thinking it was really a Stars in Your Eyes imitation - I blame the cider!

SeasideMoggy said...

I'll have Eddie Izzard. Please.


tattyhousehastings said...

Actually, I think Eddie Izzard would be very funny - I can imagine him having a good handbag and liking a good cackle.