Friday, 10 October 2008

Telling off...

Just been told off by head at school for waving at my son in his classroom and whispering hello. She came past and said; 'Ssssh', then 'Don't talk to him, its not fair on the other children'.
Course I made it worse by eating a yummy cheese scone in the corridor while she was talking to me.

Later on she told me she still loved me and not to worry about it all day. So now feel I have to worry about it all day.

Don't feel as bad as time Kate - from Bristol and I talked, well laughed uncontrollably through David Bowie playing at Glastonbury as she suggested he might not be the real one and how would we know. People, well our boyfriends, in particular who had been waiting their whole lives to see him said of course we know, he is singing as David Bowie. A man in front of us made the mistake of telling us off, and as basically nice girls we then apologised for some time. Until he turned around and told us to ' JUST shut up please'.

Course also got told to shut up in a nunnery in Krakov once. We'd only just got to Poland from Czech Republic and had not realised how strong the lager was. There was also a ten o'clock curfew in the nunnery hostel so we'd necked as much lager as we could before ten then ran home after stealing glasses full of lager from the pub. Apparently we were so annoying with our chatting a proper hostel traveller, who probably planned on walking with stout shoes the next day said'; Please, please just be quiet'. In the saddest most desperate way ever.

Course the next time I was in Krakov I had not learned my lesson and drank so much lager I had to subtly be sick up my own sleeve in the pub. Then when we went off to Zakopane, and my lovely boyfriend, now lovely husband and I stayed in another hostel with mixed rooms when we heard snoring we threw all the rubbish we could in the room at snoring man to make him stop. Blame the crazy Polish lager, 'cos could have just woken him up or told him to shut up.

Now, don't think I was drinking this morning but I was over-excited by coffee morning with proper cakes, first real one I think as stay at home parent.


Day from hell said...

I love Zakopane, Climbed the Tatry mountains and stayed there, never had so much cherry liquor in my life, boy was I ill!

tattyhousehastings said...

We went up the mountains too - but by chair lift as thought it was too far to walk. Had v. v. scary moment when realised people were shouting at us on lift because we weren't strapped in. Course shouting at us in Polish did not help us work out how to do the straps up.

Day from hell said...

Ah this was in the days when I was fit enough to climb properly, do miss the freedom of climbing, so blooming tired just walking up a hill nowdays!

Oh well only another 3 stome to go, might try a gentle area like the peaks for my first though, right chicken that I am.