Sunday, 26 October 2008

Why did they drink Liebfraumilch in the 1970's?

I've discovered why Liebfraumilch and probably Blue Nun were popular in the 1970's. Remarkably it is not because our parents generation were uneducated wine quaffers who knew no better. It is because it is cheap. Really cheap.
Yesterday we gave ourselves a frugal treat of a fiver between us for some booze. Got tempted with a nice bottle of Chardonnay, but knew we'd want we bought wine at under £2.50 a bottle. Sadly, or gladly Sainsbury's were out of their economy wine, just not sure what that would be like. So we bought this. And you know what, after every mouthful I did have a pull a sort of sucked a lemon face, but it cheered us right up.
Hip hip hooray for recession busting wine!
n.b. Met a right idiot 'artist' yesterday who claimed the credit crunch was rubbish, if I had not have been in a public place would have let rip. Also met a silly snobby woman who was rude about the fact some cool t-shirts were for babies only. Both times kept mouth shut, needless to say silly snobby woman, you might not know who I am, but I know you. Won't be talking to you again, that is, if you ever talked to me in the first place!


Nik said...

We spotted Liebfraumilch on the shelves when we were camping at the end of September and nabbed a bottle to drink around the fire (the logic was: cheap holiday, thus cheap wine).

Oh my. How did people drink that stuff in such great quantities? We got to the end of the bottle, but it was more like a kids' drink than wine.

Probably won't be doing that again, although cheap wine like that is good for using in cooking. A glass of white poured into a risotto and then cooked off before you ladle in the first of the stock really peps up the finished dish.

tattyhousehastings said...

Ha, good logic though. Nearly an excellent idea.