Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Forget the poor scared one, worry about me...

Jesus, the bloody man is freaking me out big time. Well, I say man, sixteen year old really. Firstly he has a loud shouty conversation in to his computer on the stairs at half eight, and when I say loud, I mean so loud I was worried about the neighbours coming around.

So I shuffled him off to the kitchen where he still disturbed my Holby City watching, and I tried to ignore it...but could not. Then he got on his mobile, and again had a really loud shouty chat. We got to ten p.m. with me trying my best to ignore his noises and wishing lovely M was here so I could ask him to, well, I don't know, back me up in saying you are very noisy please go to bed, please.

Then the doorbell rang, and a weird older man sort of shouted the students name. I managed to indicate through waving that I'd get him and shut the door 'cos he scared me. Then after a brief chat Mr Noisy went back to his Office/cum My Kitchen to shout. I then went in to tell him I was not happy to have Strange Men calling from him at ten at night. He said there was no problem.

So I tried to explain the situation by saying at home in Libya, would it be ok for someone to call at ten at night? He said yes, and it would even be ok at four in the morning. I said; 'What your mum would be happy to answer the door to a stranger at four in the morning?' He said that his mother would never have to answer the door. As she had men to do it for her.

So that is bloody OK then is it?


smilernpb said...

Hmmm, strange one. YOU need to tell this guy to go away, and that as it is YOUR house, YOUR rules state that this is not acceptable. Who cares what is acceptable in different countries?

Failing this can you not speak to someone re: the poor scared one, from like the person in charge of allocating students (insert technical name here! lol)?

Good luck x

tattyhousehastings said...

I've asked for him to be re-allocated to another host family. And I'm never breaking my own rules of having boys/men again. Mostly teenage boys are lovely, but it is just not OK, it really is scary.