Thursday, 9 July 2009

I must moan, I must moan, I must grumble

It's been a bloody tricky afternoon. Firstly lovely, or not so lovely Ol got a yellow card at school. Not so good, and means none of us can have Friday night sweeties now.

Then the bathroom door got stuck, with no one inside but WE COULD NOT GET IN. Nightmare which I knew could only be solved via screwdrivers, which I have a bit of a phobia of it seems.

Then, I got in a bit of a panic about how and what to make for tea. Bloody eight people, loads of courgettes and in I guess three sittings, as all students out late. Figured out what to make - (veggie sausages, courgettes, sweetcorn and rice) with chicken burgers for the meat eaters. Went to get the chicken out of the freezer and tugged so hard at the shelf door it broke off in two pieces. Now we'll have to just ram things in freestyle like in olden days ice compartments. So then I decided to chip some ice away in freezer to prevent similar issues with other doors.

I washed the ice off the trays in the sink, and realised my flip flops were sticking to the floor and all wet. Bravely opened the under sink cupboard and water gushed out. So the bloody sink is broken.

Then I took a moment, went up the garden and looked at lovely un frozen courgettes. Shock - horror one of the plants is covered in tiny black creatures, and ants. Possibly tinies are baby ants! Just don't know and don't want to see any more.

Then remembered bed broke two days ago, and is sloping a bit - it has a stupid middle leg that tips over with any movement, and causes the rest to be wobbly. Tried to call M to get him home at reasonable hour to save me....he is actually good at DIY and I was suspecting adult company might be also good. His phone rang from the coffee table.

And to top it all two youngest students now home and insanely annoying - did not believe sausages were tofu even when looking at label, then when I sneaked in to garden kept looking in all my cupboards. Finally grabbing bread to make a sandwich - and sought out the ketchup. If only they knew what happened to the last one who helped themselves in my kitchen.

And to cap it all I've just spent five minutes saying no you can not ring bloody Stuttgart even for just a 'moment' as it is extremely expensive.

Where's the wine? In the bloody shop, that is where.


Why Me? said...

Pmsl, sorry but I feel better knowing its not just me that has days like that!

Black things, probably aphids and some colonies of ants 'herd' the aphids and collect the honeydew to feed their larvae; they protect the aphids and carry them to overwinter in their nests.
You can get pesticides that will deal with them but a spray prepared from a couple drops of washing-up liquid to a gallon of water is an acceptable organic method of control; so are insecticidal soaps made from plant fatty acids. Avoid spraying in sunshine to prevent scorching the plant.

With regard to the students phone calls, is it worth them getting these international call cards from bt or newsagents? They apparently do reduce the call cost.

Hope you find a bottle of wine soon.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

B&Q do a very good organic insecticide that kills blackfly and all known aphids, and is really quick & safe on edibles.

tattyhousehastings said...

Right - new day, new problems/challenges. Will get on aphid case from 4pm this afternoon when back from school coach trip (60 hot mini children on coach). Car sick time.
Aphids - who knew? Thanks a million for the tips.

smilernpb said...

Aww bless. Try not to let all of these things get you down!

It could be worse....not sure how, but it could! Hugs x

Small Dog said...

Bev, times of crisis require critical solutions.

Beg, borrow or steal a wooden box (with lid) and fit it with a padlock.

Stencil "EMERGENCY" on the lid.

Fill with several bottles of wine, plus emergency corkscrew, wine glass, MP3 player filled with music of choice and last but not least, hat fitted with large sign saying


Keep the padlock key on a discrete silver chain around your neck and wear AT ALL TIMES.

Good luck.........

tattyhousehastings said...

Am box hunting tomorrow, sod birthday party planning for thirteen children, or cake making, or food shopping for twenty million. I need that box!
Hugs good thanks. Did get marginally worse today with text message storm/issue. Hopefully will resolve shortly.