Monday, 13 July 2009

New week, new energy, and new happy household (bar the poor scared one)

It's Jem's birthday on Thursday, and the excitement has already started. She had her small (bestest friends forever) tea party yesterday which was lovely. There was a bit of boy against girl trouble, I guess the forerunner to boy and girl trouble. And a little tears, well a lot of tears about not winning from the birthday girl.

It's interesting actually as for years I've been against competitive games, still am really, especially where there is one 'winner'. This year we decided to make a 'pin the tail on the donkey', which was a 'pin the eyes on the butterfly'. We got really in to it, and an artist friend drew, sorry created a masterpiece butterfly in front of the telly on Saturday night. Then I realised there sort of had to be a winner. And in the game itself the winner was so obvious. So I did try to mitigate the sting of not winning by spending some time looking at everyone's mark's and saying how well they did to get it to the wing etc. But no good for Jem, she wept for ages. I have to say though, she did actually refuse to take part anyway, saying that she did not want to be spun around.

Now all eyes are on Thursday, more presents, and more fun, and another cake (I guess). Sunday's was in the shape of a butterfly, and was yummy. (Fresh British strawberries and butter icing).


Why Me? said...

I remember on my 6th birthday my mum did a pass the parcel game and when it got down to the last layer it had got to me. after turning round she realised this, took it of me and said it was the kid next to me who'd won. I cried so much and did the biggest tantrum you could imagine so actually spent the remainder of my birthday party in bed having been sent there by my parents!

Glad you all had a good time.

tattyhousehastings said...

Do you know I think it took ages for music to stop in the 1970's as I remember Pass the parcel with those kinds of issues - some people never having a turn, always tears etc... Thank the lord of parties for CD players I guess!
Or maybe parents were harsher and did not 'fix' the game?