Thursday, 2 July 2009

Two new looks spied this morning on South Coast

One was trend setting, and on an 'older lady' i.e. like me, rather than in her seventies. I'd spent a hot night pondering whether I should spend some more money on myself now we have students - you know, get some shorts (whole conversation there), maybe some dresses and get my hair 'done'. Then what do you know I spy someone wearing shoes so on trend that Hastings will be shocked. I was, and a little horrified if truth be known. Still not convinced people over 20 should enter Top Shop. Let alone buy 'the gladiator, bright, plastic' nod to all trends look of the summer.

So then, we had a very good wander around town, and remembered how much I love a good browse and trying on session. (n.b. sorry to all people waiting to use changing rooms in Peacocks whilst I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about shorts. Luckily I didn't buy any, though that might have annoyed the people waiting even more, as I forgot the crucial sit down in them and see what thighs look like test. Probably because I haven't owned a pair since was a size ten and twenty.

Anyway on the bus, spied second new look of the day. Another 'older lady' though, this time older than me sitting on the bus listening to her MP3 player (which of course makes her modern as its tricky to understand those thingy's once over 30 ish). Anyway she had it tucked down between her not tiny boobs. Kept looking and wondering how it didn't fall out (must have been stopped by her bra if she had one on).

Not sure - but hey, loving the fact new trends can be spotted here and that there is clothes to wear and styles to adopt that don't come from either Marks and Spencer's or 'the big supermarket'.

p.s. Just read this back and realised I need to get out more, should not be so surprised by green shoes!


Sandra Morris said...

Word to the wise......those plastic/jelly type shoes invariably make your feet sweat so that they slide around inside the shoe, therefore rendering them dangerous footwear.

Also unless you have ankles like a gazelle, gladiator-style straps dig into your flesh, leaving raised, weal-like wounds.

Sure you still want a pair.....?

tattyhousehastings said...

Sadly my ankles are not gazelle like so though of raised weal like wounds very very alarming. Last time I was damaged by shoes was, apart from falling off then that is, about 13 and in white stilleto's. So no thanks to v. trend shoes for me. I'll stick to my almost all season flip flops (Haviana's though so also a nod).