Monday, 20 July 2009

Swine Flu-ometer Day 3 of Watch

It's nearly reached us, the other local nursery now has one case of swine flu, and Lovely M's school has cases in three classes.

I'm avoiding the tube, being pregnant and having small babies just in case. Fortunately I have no desire to do any of those three things so am fairly risk resistant at present. Of course I suspect watching concerts in packed sweaty arena's inside our cheery holiday resort containing lots of Londoners (the current disease carriers) will be a substantial risk. However, we simply must see some X factor stars, and hopefully do some dancing.

In other news - I have some new shoes, well fit flops to be precise. I love them because they are all silvery, and make me think I could actually, possibly have some ankle jewelery without it looking like a prison chain as they are chunky enough to flatter my ankles a bit. They are supposed to give you a work out without the gym, and take themselves so seriously that you are advised to wear them for short periods at a time.

However despite wearing them around the house for a few days, down the town today, and home again I can't feel the burn. Not sure what this means, either they are not sculpting my bottom as I walk, or I'm just walking too slow (blame the children for that bit).

Love them though - hope no one with swine flu ever gets sick on them though. Imagine someone, or even yourself being sick on bare, or flip flop clad feet. Think of your toes.


smilernpb said...

Avoiding being pregnant? lol

You do make me laugh.

I'm just avoiding as many people as possible, not because of swine flu, but the dreaded 'have you not had the baby yet?' questions. Erm. No. I'm not due til next Monday...and if you ask me the same question in a weeks' time I will shout rude words at you!

Oh joy :o) xx

tattyhousehastings said...

So - Have you not had the baby yet?