Friday, 31 July 2009

One little thing....

I'm in need of some beautiful things, people, buildings, surroundings, life.

Apart from that, and the money grabbing element we had a great holiday.

Oh, and the fact that at Butlins parents are just supportive from the sidelines and don't join in.

Basically there was some difference.

I did like Reggie, the ex-Arsenal footballer who did the coaching with children. He had a special parent award and gave it to a large black lady who had got stuck in the assault course tunnel, and carried on.

Wasn't so keen on the smell - either in the main stage/bar (remember old smelly beer sodden carpets from Uni days anyone?) - or the shopping mall centre.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

I just haven't had anything to say...

But now I do!

We're all going on a summer holiday, won't be back for a week or two. Won't be taking any bloody Cliff Richards CD's for the car either.

But we will be taking compliation CD's and my favourite one of all time, at the moment anyway - called 'Hallelujah' with gems such as Cat Stevens singing 'Morning has broken', and Katherine Jenkins, and various Welsh men. Not so lovely M tries to hide it all the time - found in inside a road atlas the other day. Course we had listened to it all the way to Mid Wales and back. Very soothing for the soul.

And no one was sick which is good, plus no rude/swear words to la la la over. OPM is now sadly only for the rare occesions the car is free of children. I don't think there is any song that is appropriate and even the bit about Jesus packing his bong, which I think would go over their heads worres me because their knowledge of religion is sketchy at best and I don't want them to share this at school (v. Christian head).

And as for the destination, well it is Butlins of course, where all self respecting (broke) middle class families are going this year. Slight concerns about too much activity, lager louts (dads I guess), and um, crowds of people, which can freak me out a bit.

Still, I am so up for disco dancing with the children, swimming, a sandy beach, an apartment which does not need cleaning (well if we manage not to get it dirty that is), no washing, no hills, not much cooking. I've already bought some pasta/sauce and veggie baked beans and sausages. And lots of cereal (yes carb free diet going a bit wrong).

So see you all in a week or so...Let's hope for sun and rain for the garden in the evenings...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Swine Flu Watch Day Seven in Hastings

One of our friends has now got it. He lives half way up the hill, so my theory still stands that it is working its' way up to us.

Bit worrying though, I know all 'healthy' people are supposed to be OK but that thesis has already been dis proven, plus actually I care a lot about some people who have 'other health issues, and very serious ones at that. And, although we have no babies in the house, we do have two under six's, plus two parents who, on occasion, OK well at seven at night are known to have a fag.

Take care everyone - make sure you clean those hard surfaces (actually how often are you supposed to do it....and would it really make a difference in a family home?)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Swine Flu-ometer Day 3 of Watch

It's nearly reached us, the other local nursery now has one case of swine flu, and Lovely M's school has cases in three classes.

I'm avoiding the tube, being pregnant and having small babies just in case. Fortunately I have no desire to do any of those three things so am fairly risk resistant at present. Of course I suspect watching concerts in packed sweaty arena's inside our cheery holiday resort containing lots of Londoners (the current disease carriers) will be a substantial risk. However, we simply must see some X factor stars, and hopefully do some dancing.

In other news - I have some new shoes, well fit flops to be precise. I love them because they are all silvery, and make me think I could actually, possibly have some ankle jewelery without it looking like a prison chain as they are chunky enough to flatter my ankles a bit. They are supposed to give you a work out without the gym, and take themselves so seriously that you are advised to wear them for short periods at a time.

However despite wearing them around the house for a few days, down the town today, and home again I can't feel the burn. Not sure what this means, either they are not sculpting my bottom as I walk, or I'm just walking too slow (blame the children for that bit).

Love them though - hope no one with swine flu ever gets sick on them though. Imagine someone, or even yourself being sick on bare, or flip flop clad feet. Think of your toes.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Swine Flu-ometer for Hastings - Day 2 of the Watch

It's got to All Saints Junior School now on Githa Road. Sneaking up my giant hill. And I'm very glad school shuts on Friday, but even then we can't lock ourselves in the house completely. Actually we're off to a wedding at home in the Shires for the weekend, so will presumably be there too.

Getting quite bored with it, but also slightly obsessional. Must buy some hand gel later, after taking four year old Jem to the pub that is...for her thirty third birthday treat.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Swine Flu - ometer for Hastings

Last week it hit some parents at West St Leonards School, probably St Leonards residents.

Today it has hit a young child at Sacred Heart Primary, just down the road from us. Parents might be from St Leonards, or further afield as it is a Catholic rather than just neighbourhood school. But as a local school, siblings are also at J's nursery, and many families live in our area.

It's coming.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Forget the poor scared one, worry about me...

Jesus, the bloody man is freaking me out big time. Well, I say man, sixteen year old really. Firstly he has a loud shouty conversation in to his computer on the stairs at half eight, and when I say loud, I mean so loud I was worried about the neighbours coming around.

So I shuffled him off to the kitchen where he still disturbed my Holby City watching, and I tried to ignore it...but could not. Then he got on his mobile, and again had a really loud shouty chat. We got to ten p.m. with me trying my best to ignore his noises and wishing lovely M was here so I could ask him to, well, I don't know, back me up in saying you are very noisy please go to bed, please.

Then the doorbell rang, and a weird older man sort of shouted the students name. I managed to indicate through waving that I'd get him and shut the door 'cos he scared me. Then after a brief chat Mr Noisy went back to his Office/cum My Kitchen to shout. I then went in to tell him I was not happy to have Strange Men calling from him at ten at night. He said there was no problem.

So I tried to explain the situation by saying at home in Libya, would it be ok for someone to call at ten at night? He said yes, and it would even be ok at four in the morning. I said; 'What your mum would be happy to answer the door to a stranger at four in the morning?' He said that his mother would never have to answer the door. As she had men to do it for her.

So that is bloody OK then is it?

Monday, 13 July 2009

And as for the poor scared one...

I agreed to having a new student for a week starting this Saturday. The poor man turned up just before our friends with a five year old and a dog arrived. He admitted he was against dogs, but was happy it would not enter his room or go upstairs.

Then he ran out, well left for the afternoon. Only for the doorbell to ring at about eight at night and a fifty something man to be asking for him. I explained he wasn't in and then the man wanted to ring him, but said he did not have his number. I started to get really freaked out and imagining all sorts when this man finally said he knew the students parents from their home country. I was still a bit weirded out, so shut the door while I got our phone number to be passed to the parents.

Then when our student came back, he at least said the man was legitimate. But still, I felt quite uncomfortable. Basically I think I go on auto suspicious pilot whenever anyone I don't know knocks on our door (life skill learnt in period in inner city I'm afraid - though I have to say that worst door knocking was by strange police).

So on to Sunday morning, poor lovely young student got thirsty in the night and came down for a drink of water. Great little floppy eared Daisy was delighted he'd come to see her, and thought he wanted to play chase. So she chased him up the stairs to his bedroom, where he just about managed to shut the door before she ran in. (n.b. I had showed him how to operate the stair gate but I think the horror of dog chase made him forget).

Then we partied, well with tea and cakes and small children - and our student ventured in to the living room to check his e-mail. He was then assaulted by a small child with his face painted bright red (sort of post Spiderman) and very blonde hair. Small child grassed up by other small child with butterfly face so at least we were able to apologise.

Later in the evening, whilst still checking his e-mail (actually about three hours later), he was horrified to learn we had had some wine earlier, we keep in in the house, we pop out for cigarettes, and we lounge about laughing at/with Top Gear. Felt so bad could not have another glass of wine until I sneaked in kitchen to drink it.

And on top of all that, I think some students/local youngsters were rampaging through these quiet streets last night, laughing and being drunk. I got woke up at least every hour by random noises, and then later by children playing 10 in the bed or equivalent.

Feel a bit bad about our rubbish cultural sensitivity, but equally am sure it would not be valid trip to UK if 'real' slightly messy people were not encountered. Sadly for lovely, scared student his previous host family were lovely, they bought him special halal meat (I suggested he try our veggie food), they did not have alcohol in the house and um, were nice people.

New week, new energy, and new happy household (bar the poor scared one)

It's Jem's birthday on Thursday, and the excitement has already started. She had her small (bestest friends forever) tea party yesterday which was lovely. There was a bit of boy against girl trouble, I guess the forerunner to boy and girl trouble. And a little tears, well a lot of tears about not winning from the birthday girl.

It's interesting actually as for years I've been against competitive games, still am really, especially where there is one 'winner'. This year we decided to make a 'pin the tail on the donkey', which was a 'pin the eyes on the butterfly'. We got really in to it, and an artist friend drew, sorry created a masterpiece butterfly in front of the telly on Saturday night. Then I realised there sort of had to be a winner. And in the game itself the winner was so obvious. So I did try to mitigate the sting of not winning by spending some time looking at everyone's mark's and saying how well they did to get it to the wing etc. But no good for Jem, she wept for ages. I have to say though, she did actually refuse to take part anyway, saying that she did not want to be spun around.

Now all eyes are on Thursday, more presents, and more fun, and another cake (I guess). Sunday's was in the shape of a butterfly, and was yummy. (Fresh British strawberries and butter icing).

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I must moan, I must moan, I must grumble

It's been a bloody tricky afternoon. Firstly lovely, or not so lovely Ol got a yellow card at school. Not so good, and means none of us can have Friday night sweeties now.

Then the bathroom door got stuck, with no one inside but WE COULD NOT GET IN. Nightmare which I knew could only be solved via screwdrivers, which I have a bit of a phobia of it seems.

Then, I got in a bit of a panic about how and what to make for tea. Bloody eight people, loads of courgettes and in I guess three sittings, as all students out late. Figured out what to make - (veggie sausages, courgettes, sweetcorn and rice) with chicken burgers for the meat eaters. Went to get the chicken out of the freezer and tugged so hard at the shelf door it broke off in two pieces. Now we'll have to just ram things in freestyle like in olden days ice compartments. So then I decided to chip some ice away in freezer to prevent similar issues with other doors.

I washed the ice off the trays in the sink, and realised my flip flops were sticking to the floor and all wet. Bravely opened the under sink cupboard and water gushed out. So the bloody sink is broken.

Then I took a moment, went up the garden and looked at lovely un frozen courgettes. Shock - horror one of the plants is covered in tiny black creatures, and ants. Possibly tinies are baby ants! Just don't know and don't want to see any more.

Then remembered bed broke two days ago, and is sloping a bit - it has a stupid middle leg that tips over with any movement, and causes the rest to be wobbly. Tried to call M to get him home at reasonable hour to save me....he is actually good at DIY and I was suspecting adult company might be also good. His phone rang from the coffee table.

And to top it all two youngest students now home and insanely annoying - did not believe sausages were tofu even when looking at label, then when I sneaked in to garden kept looking in all my cupboards. Finally grabbing bread to make a sandwich - and sought out the ketchup. If only they knew what happened to the last one who helped themselves in my kitchen.

And to cap it all I've just spent five minutes saying no you can not ring bloody Stuttgart even for just a 'moment' as it is extremely expensive.

Where's the wine? In the bloody shop, that is where.

I must not moan times twenty...

I must not moan.
I must not moan.
I must not moan.
I must not moan.

repeated twenty times...

and I know I should count my blessings and be grateful for what I've got etc. etc.

but really....

I want to moan for days about groups, committee's, making dinner. doing the washing, bored of changing sheets, having a name that is not Mummy, not trying to be nice all the time, having a clean house, not being able to lie in bed for days on end drinking beer or smoke fags, or swear all the time, or even show my bras without being 'alternative'.

But I won't. Because I am a nice girl in training. And the bitch is being suppressed for the next ten years or so.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

God, the man in the moon (mirror?) etc. etc...

Have had their own back. It rained so hard this morning, the bus did not appear, I gave M a lift to work and planned a quickie to the Giant Tesco. Rain had caused the road to close, and flood I guess and some poor wet people who had been camping by the fishing lake to look very bedraggled and dirty by the side of the road.

Then I got stuck in a Hastings traffic jam! First ever not on the sea front, which took an hour to get home in.

Bloody weather.

Oh, and I think a slug slooped over the rug in the living room last night.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

God, the man in the moon, Earth Lady or Michael Fish are getting it right...

Well, not sure which one of them is in charge but the weather's been perfect for the last month. So thanks to Big Weather Remote Controller, we've had warm sunny days and three night time storms to provide the tiny amount of water the plants desperately need. It's been about a month now of perfect weather world, and we could be even forgetting what typical English weather is like here in Hastings.

So cheers, Weather Person, loving it, and don't even mind waking up for the storms every week...not sure about using bath water on plants though as logistically bit of a nightmare with carpets.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Just a short note...

To say I'm now refreshed and revitalised after spending an evening with lovely friends. I've decided no one randomly doesn't like me I also will make myself like, or at least not moan about other people and I really do like my life.

Of course I did spend slightly too long explaining my working class roots to a friend, nothing more annoying than someone with quite a 'nice accent' banging on about that for ages I suspect. So must remember for next time - to shut up after a reasonable length of time to rant.

Children loved being up late, drinking children's Pimms, and roaming about. Goodness knows what they were doing most of the evening - changing clothes and running around in their pants I think, that and discovering a secret hiding place for treasure under my friends' floorboards (n.b. really must have been for secret cash stash in past or jewels).

So new lovely family Tattyhouse are chilling today, then doing a clever weekly meal plan (think the Pimms sucked some my brain cells out). And I guess collecting some food from the shops - currently pizza, pizza, pizza and maybe some vegetarian prawns is all I can think about.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Two new looks spied this morning on South Coast

One was trend setting, and on an 'older lady' i.e. like me, rather than in her seventies. I'd spent a hot night pondering whether I should spend some more money on myself now we have students - you know, get some shorts (whole conversation there), maybe some dresses and get my hair 'done'. Then what do you know I spy someone wearing shoes so on trend that Hastings will be shocked. I was, and a little horrified if truth be known. Still not convinced people over 20 should enter Top Shop. Let alone buy 'the gladiator, bright, plastic' nod to all trends look of the summer.

So then, we had a very good wander around town, and remembered how much I love a good browse and trying on session. (n.b. sorry to all people waiting to use changing rooms in Peacocks whilst I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about shorts. Luckily I didn't buy any, though that might have annoyed the people waiting even more, as I forgot the crucial sit down in them and see what thighs look like test. Probably because I haven't owned a pair since was a size ten and twenty.

Anyway on the bus, spied second new look of the day. Another 'older lady' though, this time older than me sitting on the bus listening to her MP3 player (which of course makes her modern as its tricky to understand those thingy's once over 30 ish). Anyway she had it tucked down between her not tiny boobs. Kept looking and wondering how it didn't fall out (must have been stopped by her bra if she had one on).

Not sure - but hey, loving the fact new trends can be spotted here and that there is clothes to wear and styles to adopt that don't come from either Marks and Spencer's or 'the big supermarket'.

p.s. Just read this back and realised I need to get out more, should not be so surprised by green shoes!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Best Jac Naylor quote (off of Holby for those not in the know)

'I never really liked jazz. It sounds a bit like scribbles.'