Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Does blogging keep you sane? Or just expose the world to your own madness and therefore make others realise their own madness'?

With the issues of gender based mouse pads, or rather one fingered clicking and dragging, plus my actual computer being out of order I've had nearly a whole month off blogging.
It's been a really busy month; shopping, cooking, concerts, school fairs, nativities, wrapping, um drinks, visiting friends staying and so on. I've also been drinking a lot of fizzy pop this week.

Mistakenly decided how much 'fun' it would be to replicate own Christmas childhood with lurid drinks and bought limeade and cherryade. Course as usual, we had friends up, and some singing to do- on the Singstar at least so we started early. Drove us all bonkers - especially me as I had a solid week of sleeplessness. Culminating in loud shout of the word baby, and cackling at the school carol concert. Totally embarrassed self, amused the parents around me, of course I blame lovely local parents who have amused me all year- but they can control selves in public so is my fault.

So now am on early days self imposed behaving self regime, managed to sleep last night, even despite a few dreams about blogging. And despite a five hour journey home from Hertfordshire yesterday afternoon. Must blog more, must sleep more, and simply must go back to non-1970's food and drink. (Possible exception being the eggnog I bought for slightly inexplicable reasons last week - blame sleep deprivation).

So here we are then, Merry Christmas all readers, have a lovely day/few days - remember its about the nice food not the historic food. (Think we are going down the veggie Toad in Hole route as its a winner with us all). And are ditching the hydrogenated fat snacks - yum yum and luminous drinks, for some lovely fizzy juice, or even better my favourite sparking drink, orange juice and perrier.

Have a good one and let me know your luminous drink and food mistakes to make me feel better if you have any....


Anonymous said...

merry christmas to you all, our mistake though a rather yummy one once you've had a few is marachino cherries in babysham.

depesando said...

my mum managed to make a jar of marachino cherries last out entire childhood....only using up a couple each year. I can still taste the....they have probably tainted my bones like heavy metals.

tattyhousehastings said...

We once made a 1970's hamper in the Health Authority - got very carried away with cherries and babysham. Trouble is the taste really.
I think we had the same jar of hundreds and thousands, and chocolate whatsits in my childhood. Utterly pointless toppings.