Thursday, 4 December 2008

Giant Shopping Hits Hastings

Well almost, a giant supermarket has come to town. Finally. Pulling up in to the car park is very exciting, and almost exactly like the entrance to Ikea in Edmonton. Very strange. Was so busy commenting on that that almost did not let a be-suited man get in to his own car.

Lovely K took me on a morning visit today, without children I might add. And we looked and looked, but saved ourselves from buying too much. However it is fantastic for toys, loads and loads, of choice and offers. Tesco also seems to have Leapster 2 on offer to £35 down from £50, which is worth thinking about...

It also had both red and white wine on offer for £2.99. Worth a thought too, but possibly not the greatest - still maybe next time.

We both loved the stationary section, and the party bits, plus some crafty bits and bobs. Very sweet little stampers, again needed to think before buying though. Good range of magazines/books/CD's/DVD's and games too.

Sadly the shop let itself down a bit on the clothes and homewear front. There was hardly any, and the research they'd done on Hastings had clearly told them people here only wear badly made, quite cheap fabric clothes. And they are very wrong. As we know, there are many People Like Us on the South Coast, who may hanker after bargains, but um, probably not shiny ones.

Lots of food too, and a really large whole food section, which along with the crisps bit kept us occupied for a bit. Really quite fancy the dried black cherries. Just need to have a plan/recipe for them.

Oh, and a French style coffee shop. Which was nice, even if the prices were slightly Costa rather than Calais!

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