Friday, 5 December 2008

Oh dear god

I'm in absolute agonies of self doubt. I took my little elves in wire baubles to school today to go in to the Christmas fair. Alongside our three papier mache robins, one of which had an accidental squashed stomach.

Taking the elf baubles to the playground was painful, my lovely friends said that they were great. Possibly a little over the top, but that is good for Christmas, but...a couple of other people, like, well Ol's teacher just kind of looked at them. She did ask if they were for sale, but I was thinking that was out of kindness rather than anything else.

I don't know what is going on, I never feel this crazily insecure about my writing, perhaps that means it is OK. Or possibly that I know that it is alright. And I really don't know about my art/craft things - are they OK or are they the mark of a Lady Who Wears Purple.

Fortunately I don't wear purple, and may go in to Hiding at School. But my goodness, this self doubt is crippling. Really really difficult.

And I can't even share photos of loopy art on the web as they are already at school. But what do you think? Is art and craft more personal and more of an insight to you than the written word?

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