Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Who is the coolest, youngest looking, most intelligent. gorgeous person in town?

Realised yesterday we spend some time discussing how cool people we know are. We're not mean enough to talk about how totally, like, uncool people are, even though that would be very entertaining.

But I realised several important elements of being a cool person in town, in of course, my view....

1. You must look younger than you are, if doesn't matter if you're really old. The key thing is that everyone knows your age, and marvels at how you don't look it.
2. You must have something going on; best local mummy/daddy, amazing artist/designer, musician. It's not enough to simply have a good job, and it certainly would not be cool just to earn heaps of money.
3. Your clothes must be distinctive, classy almost, but with a nod to style. It's possible to dress like an Old Town local and be cool, i.e. to wear flip flops in the rain, but not to take it too far and be a Lady in a Havana Hat in the sun.
4. You must be funny, really funny so people want to hang with you and your stylish lifestyle.
5. A cool partner helps, but really they can just be quite good looking to help with the cool campaign.

And as to who is the coolest in this town...well I'm not sure, but for today I'm going to name Samara, who not only is v. beautiful and funny, she's got three mini gorgeous little versions of her running about.

Tomorrow its gonna be....

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