Monday, 1 December 2008

Must blog about the 2.5% decrease in VAT as its making me sick

I'm sick and cross about this, it makes no sense at all. I had thought we'd all maybe learned a little about not living above our means, and actually just getting through.

But no, the government have not learned anything. And in fact its a double whammy in inappropriate action. Firstly they are encouraging people to go out and spend, mostly what they have not got, and don't need to spend on luxury items for Christmas, and secondly because it is setting an example of spending what you haven't got and paying for it later. And it will be us who are paying for it. And as for me, I think that is probably the worst thing; we're taking action I don't like, i.e. encouraging people to spend when they can't afford to, and I don't think will work either. I'm not sure anyone, even the government would believe we can spend our way out of the credit crunch/recession at the moment. But we're throwing our money, our public money at this.

Then we'll be paying it all back, just when (hopefully) everyone is getting back on their financial feet. Surely, surely, we've all learnt a financial lesson from this credit crunch; we're learning, especially the Thatcher generation to live within our means. And for lots of us this is for the first time ever. I most certainly do not want to pretend I haven't figured this out (finally of course).

I'm not happy about it, and from what I'm reading I'm not alone. But hey, the shops were busy this weekend...


Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

of course, the thing that will tip the country over the edge are the legions of people who bought big squishy 3 piece suites last year on a 'buy now - 2009' scheme - after xmas they will be unable to pay for their now tatty old chairs and the country will collapse, sending us into a new dark age.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thank goodness I've never fallen for a new sofa scheme. The one time we went to a big furniture store outside Croydon it was shockingly champagne Sunday or something, and when a bit fuzzy headed they hit you with the hard sell. Luckily for us, we hated all the sofas, so could head home heads held high, and full of cheap free champers.
Actually - hopefully anyone who owes MFI money for kitchens etc will be allowed off, so that's something.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

"hopefully anyone who owes MFI money for kitchens etc will be allowed off"

that NEVER happens.