Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I love nursery - and I don't even attend!

I adore J's nursery - have absolutely got over fear about it being pre-school boot camp due to uniform wearing, and being quite strict. I've just taken home Term 2's newsletter and here are some gorgeous bits...

' Children were involved in selecting new resources to extend their play, some children expressed a desire for a castle to be purchased. J spent some time with these children looking on the internet for a suitable castle which arrived this morning much to the delight of the children. Many children helped unpack the castle (n.b. I'd have plunked them in front of telly at this point as their little hands made a mess of the bits! but hey, am not lovely teacher), and after looking carefully at the instructions assisted with putting it together'.

Some police came in to the nursery to talk about being safe whilst shopping (common pastime); 'Several children dressed in the police costumes and enjoyed 'patrolling' the nursery.'

And finally;

'All children will need hats and gloves as well as warm coats as the weather gets colder, we do use the outside learning environment as much as possible. Please ensure that you name all items of clothing and where possible gloves attached on elastic through children's coats would be extremely helpful'.

Who knew the practice of elasticated glove/coat combo's had not ended in the 1970's? Am off to buy some elastic today, hope it is still ok with fingerless gloves not mittens.

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