Sunday, 30 November 2008

Hello old mates

We've just spent a lovely afternoon in Brighton with old friends, Rob and Vic. They live in New York now, and were in Sydney before so are both very well travelled, and hard to meet up with!

But you know what? It was just great to see them despite a gap of probably three years, and lots of incidents and occurrences in lives. Just lovely, particularly as they are still as funny as before. Last time we saw them Rob managed to break a garden chair, this time he lost his car parking ticket a number of times, got a parking ticket, forgot his car keys, and um, was just well Rob.

Anyhow - just wanted to say hello Bob and Vic, and come and visit us in tattyhouse soon.

p.s. Kids thought you were both great too, think they really like the idea of people existing who know their mum and dad had a funny life before they were born, although Ol slightly confused at Mat living with Rob - wasn't sure who was the parent!

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