Sunday, 2 November 2008

Dancing and Drinking

I've had a great weekend, spent most of Saturday wandering the shops and bought nothing. Which was disappointing but on reflection probably good. As it left more money for red wine and lager. Which I drank together, well not exactly in the same glass but you get the picture.

We went out on the town for the first time in ages, with grandparents babysitting so no need to worry about children. Popped in to an indie pub for a drink, which was pleasingly like being twenty again. Lots of earnest faced indie girls with no make up on drinking pints or too much gothicy make up on.

Then on to an opening and party, in an actual place, that was not a house. With an actual DJ. And people that we met and talked to. It was great. I do feel a bit guilty about menacing the poor DJ to try and get him to play dancing tunes. Can almost remember the words Steps coming out of my mouth, but think that was a joke. Definitely Abba and Wham were mentioned. And I definitely clocked the gallery owner running away from me at one point. Not sure why.

Possibly I then hugged the school governor and his wife who were at the party. Then there was lots of dancing with my new best friends. Guess music got better.

Sadly we left, and sadly took a wander around historical Rye today. All went well until we got trapped in a small gift shop with Ol buying a Dancing Robot, that he planned to use as a fighting robot. We got stuck behind a lady buying picture frames that needed a lot of wrapping. And it was hot. So then I was sick. By a wall. Ol decided to chant; 'Mummy's been sick, Mummy's been sick'. In front of three generations of my family. Hate indigestion. I had to miss my Sunday lunch but remarkably recovered for fish and chips by three.

Will never drink red wine with lager again. And will remember that I get shocking indigestion when drinking and keep stocks of chocolate milk cure in the fridge, if I ever attempt drinking again that is.

For now I'm sticking to water.


Anonymous said...

Don't mean to be rude but have you noticed how many of your posts involve alcohol!

tattyhousehastings said...

I know, I know, but in my defence it has been mostly over the half term holiday.
Am back to being normal coffee drinker today onwards!

SeasideMoggy said...

I didn't even notice the amount of alcohol posts - does that make me a lush?