Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Flapping about

Just can't get settled to actually doing anything this week, every time I decide to take on a job, I get distracted by another thing, then have a flap I'm doing nothing. Almost vacuumed yesterday, did the bottom of the house and half the stairs, but instead of carrying on got distracted by, hmm, was so important have forgotten. Almost did the washing this morning, put some in the machine, and turned it on, but have not put dry washing away because I got distracted by the washing up.

I'm not sure if this distraction is telling me something like the house is such a state there is heaps to do; or I actually need some ADHD treatment; or well I have just lost focus/hope. The absolutely boring boring dullest thing about housework is what I remember my mum saying as soon as you've done it it needs doing again. No wonder people can buy covers for their upright vacuum cleaners that make them look like dolly's maids so they can sit in the corner of the room.
And you childless/without messy pets people reading this, I do remember the days you could go for ages, well at least a week without cleaning, and the flat stayed nice. That is because no one wanders about it all day dropping crumbs and sitting on chairs with sticky hands. In fact usually no one has sticky hands or crumbs as when childless you tend not to have a biscuit tin in my experience. Maybe that is why you are all thin, must remember that next time am tempted, and will reach for a umm, not sure what I used to eat before children, sandwich and sometimes broccoli. Certainly did not manage five a day, but then haven't been a size ten for years.

Right, that is enough madness for the day - will go and start some more jobs now. Seriously - is it just me lacking focus?

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