Monday, 24 November 2008

Lights out

So last night we were sitting watching telly, an old episode of Ugly Betty to be precise, there was a little click noise and the telly turned itself, as did all the lights. We had the fire lit, so still had a little lovely glowing light. We had a good look up and down the street and saw there were no lights on, apart from a candle glow across the road.

We've had our first power cut as a couple! And I think for both of us the first ever since our childhood's in the 1970's and, possibly 1980's. Really exciting. Drew us both in to reminiscing where the big chunky white candles, which were only ever for practical purposes were kept at home and what lights were available. Luckily I remembered where the torch was yesterday, under the sink, and I knew lovely M had been playing with the battery lantern earlier, and therefore would have left it lying about in the playroom (I was right), plus we had a few odd tea lights scattered around.

Annoyingly M went to pick up his guitar to play and sing as soon as we sorted some light. I got very cross and said that wasn't fair as I'd just have to be a captive audience as it was too dark for me to read or knit or watch telly. And although he is getting better, have to admit is not quite at stage to do private shows, plus he'd bound to end up playing that bloody nothing ever baker street song which along with ska twists my brain.

So, instead we discussed our family histories; who was working class, and why, who was middle class, where they lived and what they did for a living. Spent some time pondering the difference between respectable working class and lower middle class. Can't remember the conclusion but owner occupation was a factor as was occupation of parents of families. (I was definitely respectable working class, jury is still out of rest of the family). One for Christmas discussions I think.

Anyway, then we brushed our teeth by candlelight, got ready for bed, and just as we were about to fall asleep. Ping, the lights were back on, weirdly they all actually came on, so we were woken up properly by a blast of light. Shame, must have some more power cuts this year. Although hopefully not on Christmas day, and not when in middle of shower or anything I need to do.


Anonymous said...

Nah you don't want power cuts that often. I get them every couple of weeks or so. not fun especially as it also stops the boiler from working so end up freezing cold too.

Brax said...

Hello, Interestingly altho I am miles away from you, in a completely different bit of england, we also have just had a powercut. My first in years. We were half way through making dinner ( about 6:30pm-ish) and having electric only ( no gas available in Kilsby) we had to think again or starve so we decided to buy chips. A small luxury for us at the moment see we were quite happy with that. Anyway, this meant driving the 5 miles to Rugby to local chippy. In our village quite dangerous as it turned out since completely black. We had a very similar situation with candles too. Strangely I was just finding out old unused candles and thinking of saving money for this xmas by using our stocks we never get round to burning, when our lights went out so I actually knew where they were so it wasnt too bad since we found light pretty quickly........ maybe it really will be a return to the 70`s. Its our first powercut since we were kids too. It turned out to be quite a nice evening. First the neighbours all rang to see if it was just them but it was the entire village. Rugby was not affected tho. There has not been anything in the papers so maybe the powercuts of the 70s are about to happen again. I will have to stock up on candles after all!

tattyhousehastings said...

Yes, no hot water would be rubbish. But great to take time and just do something different - like talk in the dark.
And how weird we both got them Brax! Quite jealous of your chips for tea; would be a real treat for us too at the moment. Still five mile drive for chips, you are proper proper country!!

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

we used to have one every few weeks - including last xmas, but since they replaced the substation on the Old London Rd it's been fine - I think you are on a different circuit to us.

Mind you - there is always the next time, I keep my laptop battery topped up just in case


tattyhousehastings said...

Oh, yes, Ore library told me last year power cuts were so frequent that they had a special power cut mobile. Laptop would be bit rubbish in power cut as think internet is electrical isn't it? Or at least wireless one..
Mind you, 'spect you mean to actually do work on it not just aimlessly search for calenders etc.