Monday, 10 November 2008

Cold Feet

Am all cold, wet and chilly. But feeling really pleased with self for managing to join two committees, take notes, do some talking and not have nervous breakdown or over commit self (yet), or worse get Tourette's syndrome in meetings. Course I do have daughter to take on latter role for me. At a Very Important meeting last Friday I was the only one with a child, just did not want to make her go to nursery more days than she already does, so decided to bring her with me, and told everyone it will be fine as she is very good.

It reminded me of the short lived job hunting moment last year when I went to one interview, and was about to take Jem with me until friends hinted I might have Serious Attachment Issue, and couldn't they just look after her. Possibly do have Serious Attachment Issue but also love the fact I'm confident in self to take child with me, and not ever go back to evil days of Full Time Work when children are never seen and are in day care from 8am to 6pm. Never again.

Anyhow, Jem was delightful in first hour of Friday's meeting, playing nicely with some toys that the chair had kindly sorted out for her. Then she got bored. And sat at the table, muttering at first but growing louder and louder. Of course I told her to be quiet, but of course she did not listen, and then apologised for her to the other people. They were very nice about it, and said, oh no, don't worry she'd lovely etc etc. Course then she progressed to shouting and it became apparent what she was saying. It was cannonballs as loud as she could.

Turned the telly on then in the other room, and gave in to sophoric qualities of cbeebies. But cannonball! Really. At least people know she has an older brother, but still, she's so naturally un-organic and un-vegetarian. Probably will grow up and want to be in the army. Or prime minister. Unsure which is worse.

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