Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Elves are getting busy to swing in giant baubles

Spent yesterday afternoon sewing some elf dresses for dolly's. Have decided that sewing is not as hard as you might think, and that Barbie who is one of the three dolly's is actually inhuman. The poor thing can't stand up as her feet only work in heels, and her enormous boobs make her look slutty in whatever she wears.

Mind you the big eyed dolly, is from a charity shop and came in just her knickers. We accidentally left her in the cafe, and when we went to collect her they'd made her a little top out of paper to protect her modesty. And I think it really was for that, rather than the fun of it, as it wasn't coloured in or anything.

I've also made two giant bauble/round cages for Christmas. The plan is the little elves will hang delightfully in them. Course now I'm typing it, I can see the error of making slutty Barbie a dancing cage for the infant school fair. And they are banned from school (I think). Still we're missing Christingle service this morning, so will be obvious to all concerned that we are not Christian Good. (Or maybe they will just think we go to another church - perhaps can invent a story about this).

Happy Candle Lighting Day.

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