Friday, 14 November 2008

Just shut up pleease!

Just had an epiphany of sorts, after accidentally telling K's husband he was not that complicated (by which I absolutely meant nice it just came out wrong), and then being laughed at my everyone in the world (ok by my friends at the cafe table, not even the whole cafe in fact). Anyhow, the epiphany was I blog to talk, and I am a bit self-obsessed I know, and as H said today; 'It's not all about you, you know Bev'. I do know, sort of, but I do like to talk.

And its quite rude to constantly talk in public, plus there would not be time for me to hear anything anyone else said if I said all I have inside me when with people. So, I blog. And although people can tell me to shut up via blogging, mostly I expect they just close me down. Which is fine. As I'm very aware I'm not to every one's taste; seem to remember a man called Mike, calling me a bit pointless and stupid at Uni. He was probably right, but once I heard him laughing when I was talking to Jules (with us I thought at the time but am now doubting that).

And it is not just since I had children, and stayed home on my own all the time that I've talked too much, got told off a lot when I worked in a library, one woman at the Health Authority actually told me to pipe down once and stop talking in our office (was doing actual proper chatting to voluntary sector CEO too, never forgave her). Also someone I once worked with asked me when drunk if people often just wanted to tell me to shut up. Nice lady.

So, cheers to me and my mad talking, its got me to ten thousand web hits, and I (hopefully) don't upset people too much by over-talking. And I love blogging, and comments, and the Internet. What do you think? Is blogging all about being self-obsessed?


Anonymous said...

Of course you are being self obsessed, you are after all writing about yourself. Nothing wrong with that though, as you say, people can choose not to read if they don't want to!

I do seriously think you need to find something to do though as you occassionally sound like you might be going a little stircrazy, lol.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks for the comment and you are right, am a little stir crazy at the moment - think it has timed itself with Ol starting school, oh and remembering I used to be a little brighter/cleverer etc.

SeasideMoggy said...

Oh, I've ALWAYS been told I talk too much, and mainly TOO LOUD. I can't help it. I love talking - especially to people and cats. Two of my old bosses kept telling me to stop talking and get on with my work - one of the jobs was in retail, and to SELL you have to TALK. The customers liked me, anyway *shrugs*