Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Thank the lord - it is not Chris de Burgh

I've been loving, and I mean really loving the new single; ' Are we human, or are we dancers?' 'My signs are vital..my hands are cold'. I just really really like the way, and this is where I give away my musical ignorance, are we dancers is sung. It's fantastic and it makes me happy, and stays in my head all day long.

Trouble is for some reason I thought the track was by Chris de Burgh and even discussed it with lovely husband who normally knows these things. He agreed, so basically, probably was not even listening to me.

But it is not by Chris de Burgh! It's by the Killers, which does explain why its getting so much radio play. Did think it strange that Chris de Burgh was being played on all the stations, and not just by Steve Wright. But the Killers, are semi-cool - well I hope they are.

Which means that finally, to my friends who fall on the floor laughing at my record collection (I like Leonard Cohen a lot ok!) I actually like something that other people do. Amazing. Even if title of song is bit nonsensical.


depesando said...

all is explained here....


tattyhousehastings said...

Hmm, like it even more I know they like Hunter S, my estwhile hero. Still does not explain why I thought it was by Chris de Burgh. Oh well.

helen said...

You're not the only one Tatty. I too immediately thought of C d B when i herard it. I couldnt understand why R1/2 hadn't mentioned it when it was so obvious. I'm getting used to it now though and even sing along.
I wonder if Mr Flowers is aware of Mr Burgh?