Monday, 14 December 2009

It must be Christmas stress

I've got my neck disease, a sort of allergic reaction that looks, and is very painful and can have the appearance of someone who has tried to hang themselves. Last time I had it in a significant way I was doing a really stressful job, working shifts and generally totally miserable. It morphed in to a horrible itchy underarm thing that only got better when I stopped using all products, including deodorant. Luckily was on holiday in chilly Poland/Czech Republic at the time so not too bad for people around me.

This time I'm not sure what to blame on neck disease. Sort of Christmas stress; over-use of products, hair dye? Who knows - no cream will make it better, and I'll just have to ride it out. The first time I had one of these skin things, it was during my finals, and was cunningly of my body, elbow disease, making it really hard to sit still at desk with my arms on it. This time it is just hard to not pull my own bloody neck skin out Ala a Christmas chicken.


Jenandollie said...

That doesn't sound like fun, hope you get better soon.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks Jen
Am in stress reduction day today so hopefully...

Sandra Morris said...

Try some antihistamines.....if it is an allergic reaction they will definitely help.

If not, try wine.

Or gin and tonic (large with ice and lemon).

They won't necessarily clear up your neck rash but you'll find you don't much care.

As a last resort, buy yourself an early Christmas present, a lovely silk scarf, which you can drape, Isadora Duncan-like around your neck.
Caveat :- Do not go out driving in an open-topped sports car though.

tattyhousehastings said...

Planning antihistimines before bed...if not gin and tonic's tomorrow, with gorgous silk scarf hunted down.
Oh and open top car not even in budget. Imagine insects settling and dying on my scaby neck. Eurgh.