Sunday, 27 December 2009

Ten Years Later...

There hasn't been a great deal of fanfare about heralding in a new decade, although most people have looked back on the last ten years and where they were and are now.

I'm tempted to do a quick round up of my life in ten, even though I could never really cover it and it is all a bit 'surface level'.

Essentially, I have the same partner, cat and am the same person, taking on a few pounds of course. I have two children, I started my career properly, and left it within the decade. I had some money during the earlier part, and now don't. And I've moved from East to South to East London then Hastings. I've become part of two fantastic geographical communities, and sadly left one all the time realising how important all the communities we're in and have been in are to us.

And I've lost some people on the way; and gained some people. The losses have been great to us, and people around us. The gains; two children and some fantastic friends some who have stayed the same and some new.

We've also had a 'credit crunch' realisation and have spent our first Christmas, and much of the last couple of years without credit. It's been tough, a bit embarrassing sometimes but so worth it. And the bonus is that of course things can only get better.

And talking of things can only get better; I lost my politics during the last ten years; disillusionment set in, and its only now I'm beginning to understand the politics with a small 'p' that are important to me, and the issues that really really matter.

This decade I plan to be working in the house at the start and doing some courses and studying. By the end of the decade I hope I'm in the same house, with the same people and friends. Just maybe with the addition of a dog. Small things eh?


They Call Me Dave said... to blogging to please excuse any poor ettiquete.
Sounds like you have had a very similar decade to me. Best of luck for 2010 and on.
cheers, Andy (blog Cricket Balls and Booty)

tattyhousehastings said...

Ha, and I like to think I am unique. Will check out your blog.

AndyS said...

Thanks for the note. No, have not come across the Isles Girls. SLOWLY getting the hang of this ting!
BTW... I've changed from They Call me Dave. It got a bit confusing!