Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sun Jars Really Do Work!

I've wanted one of these for ages, well about a month anyway. And I've got one! Yay, with some birthday money and via the post. I had it on for a night, loved it, re-charged it in the day on the window sill and come the second night - nothing. The bloody thing didn't work. Was very upset but did not want to admit had been fooled by lovely marketing and maybe they didn't work at all in gloomy UK winter etc. so just moved it to second room. Hoping magic would occur.

Then I tried again last night, it only lights up when dark so I spent some time wandering about with the gorgeous darkened jar trying to find a little dark spot. When Mat asked why I didn't just turn it on. Apparently he'd turned it off a few days ago. And I was composing cross complaint letters in my head!

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