Friday, 12 June 2009

Bloody Knackered

Sorry for not posting this week, I have been bloody knackered out.

Just with everything, the hill, babies (not mine), talked out, walked out, and teenaged - out

Intend to try to do as little as possible today, just walk up and down giant hill, do all laundry, change students sheets (four left today, more coming tomorrow, and work out why sink blocked in downstairs bathroom again (suspect teenaged long hair fault).

Have good weekends everyone and wish me back to normal functioning next week - if possible....


Why Me? said...

There is a sink and drain declogger you can get in the supermarkets, black bottle from company begining with D but can't remember the name, very good but not very environmental friendly. Cleared mine in min's.

As for tiredness, get yourself a nice slab of chocolate cake, put your feet up and get the hubby to look after you.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks for tip re: drain product - will look out for black bottle.
And as for M - well he's out playing.