Sunday, 21 June 2009

We won, We won!

Yesterday, at the fete, as a family we managed to win at the 'pick a royal' cards game! Sadly we did not win the McDonalds vouchers(??) in the raffle, but we bagged three cool prizes. Ol won Worms 3D, which he love, love loves and is very excited about. J won 'paint your own flip flips' , again very excited. And I won a Pot Noodle.

J was busy carefully painting her new flip flops yesterday, and told me she loved them and would like to be an artist when she grows up. Then in the most innocent lovely voice said; 'Maybe one day, you'll let me paint on paper Mummy'.

The shame. I do sometimes, honest, she's just forgotten.


smilernpb said...

Oh bless.

We had a 'paint incident' sometime last year, which resulted in little ones' painting paper...and the carpet. Never again.

Even though we no longer have carpet and have laminate, I am not taking any chances. If M wants to paint, I tell her to paint me a picture at nursery....surely that is not being TOO mean, is it?


tattyhousehastings said...

Must do more painting. Must do more painting. Even if it is in the garden. Actually things not so bad now black is not Ol's favourite colour anymore.

smilernpb said...

I usually get away with the 'let's paint with water on the concrete' and that way, M THINKS she is painting, but isn't!

Jules said...

You won a pot noodle?! That made me laugh alot Bev! (Auntie) Jules x

tattyhousehastings said...

Absolutely did win a pot noodle - no one has been brave enough to eat it yet though.