Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Possibly, it is because I am not human.

We've been dancing this afternoon, to a lovely family after school session of salsa. I always wanted to do salsa in London, particularly at Bar Lorca in Stoke Newington. However M was never keen and I was always averse to the idea of going with girl friends and then having to dance with strange, possibly sleazy men so I never went.

I loved the idea of family dancing though, and had a great time dancing with J. But then when it came to the children learning some moves in the playground and the grown ups practicing alone I realised the truth. Actually I just don't like close physical contact with people other than very very good friends, and then only drunk, or partners or family. I danced with a couple of people and found myself very embarrassed by our knees knocking together (my bad dancing I think), my sweating (it was hot) and just generally being close.

So if close dancing, physical contact is human, then um, sorry guys, I am all robot.

Of course on another note - it is disco dancing next week so I'm really really really looking forward to that. Must remember to tell everyone in advance am uncoordinated though so they realise I am most likely to bash in to them at some point.

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